Dialog Home Broadband Work and Learn Plus Packages

Dialog Home Broadband Work & Learn Plus Packages
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Dialog Work & Learn Packages are special data Packages to access YouTube, Office 365, Zoom, Educational Apps and Web Browsing all day!

Dialog Work & Learn පැකේජය හරහා YouTube, Office 365, Zoom, Educational Apps සහ Web Browsing දවස පුරා ප්‍රවේශ වීමට අවස්ථාව.


35GB Pack80GB Pack

How to Activate

4 methods to activate

2. Online Activation
Visit hbb.dialog.lk

3. Via SMS

35GB Pack : Type BB<space>S514<space>your HBB Number
80GB Pack : Type BB<space>S1032<space>your HBB Number

4. Via USSD – By Dialing #678#

Dial #678# -> Home Broadband -> Activate data plan -> 30Days Packages -> Select the package you want to activate

How to Deactivate

1. Online Deactivation – Visit hbb.dialog.lk/

2. SMS Deactivation (Available Only for Postpaid Connections)
– 35GB Pack : Type BB<space>S514D<space>your HBB Number
– 80GB Pack : Type BB<space>S1032D<space>your HBB Number

Dialog customer send to 678 Non Dialog customer send to 0777678678

3. Via MyDialog App

This package Exclusively for YouTube, Zoom, Microsoft, Google, Education Apps and Web Browsing.

~ Happy Learning ~

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