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Mobitel Packages
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View all Mobitel Data and Voice package prices Mobitel Max, Triple Max, Booster 477, Booster 577, Triple Buddy, Nosntop Lokka and many more.

Mobitel has changed packages due to the increase in Value Added Tax & Telecommunications Levy, Taxes applicable on Telecommunications services have been increased effective 04th June 2022.

Voice Packages

Package NameOld PriceNew Price
Buzz Buddy96102
Max 7 Day123125
Max 30 Day295313
Triple Max 7 Day121129
Triple Max 30 Day369389
Booster 477477505
Booster 577577606

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Data Packages

Data Quota Adjusted Packages

Card ValueOld Quota(MB)New Quota (MB)

Price Adjusted Data Packages

Package NameOld PriceNew Price
Instant Messaging Unlimited5457
Social Networking Unlimited110116
YouTube Unlimited245285
Triple Buddy339353
Non Stop Lokka398414
TikTok 7 Day104108
TikTok 30 Day349363

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Public Notice by TRCSL

This is to inform the public that the effective tax rates to the telecommunication services have been changed as follow, with effect from 4th of June 2022, due to the recent tax increase announced by the government.

Internet ServicesTelecommunication Services
other than Internet Services
Telecommunication Levy (TL)0%15.3061%
Value Added Tax (VAT)12.2449%14.0816%

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