Mobitel YouTube Unlimited 360 Package

Mobitel YouTube Unlimited 351 Package
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Mobitel YouTube Unlimited Package facilitates unlimited YouTube streaming for all Mobitel customers. This plan also comes with an additional 25GB Data for HD streaming on 4G networks.

Mobitel YouTube Unlimited පැකේජය හරහා සියලුම Mobitel පාරිභෝගිකයන් සඳහා අසීමිතව YouTube නැරබීමට පහසුකම් සපයයි.

How to Activate Mobitel Unlimited YouTube

  1. Via SMS – Type ACT YT and send to 160
  2. Via USSD – Dial #170# > Content Based Plans > YouTube > Activate
  3. Via Reloading Rs.351
  4. Via the Mobitel SelfCare App

Validity Period

  • Prepaid – 30 Days
  • Postpaid – Auto Renewed on the Billing Date

How to Check Balance

Type DB and send a SMS to 160 (For Both Prepaid and Postpaid)

What is the FUP Limit

Customers can stream YouTube HD videos up to 25GB (on 4G Networks Only).

After reaching FUP the speeds will throttle down to 1Mbps.
Maximum resolution will be 360p.

How to Switch to HD Mode

Type ACT HD and send to 160

How to Switch Back to YouTube Package

By typing ACT FREE and sending to 160.

For 3G Customers

3G customers can browse YouTube throughout the validity period on 360p resolution, at a speed of 1Mbps.

Auto Renewal

Auto renewed only for Postpaid Subscribers.

Prepaid Subscribers need to activate monthly.

How to Deactivate Mobitel YouTube Unlimited

Type DCT YT and send a SMS to 160

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