SLT Home Broadband Midnight Thriller Unlimited Free Internet

SLT Midnight Thriller Free Data
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Midnight එකේ Thriller එකට ඔයාලත් ලැහැස්තිද?

සෑම SLT Mobitel User කෙනෙක්ටම රෑ 12 ඉඳන් උදේ 7 වෙනකල් නොමිලේ Unlimited Free Internet Use කරන්න දැන් අවස්ථාව!

ඔබත් අදම SLT Mobitel Home Broadband සම්බන්ධතාවය සමඟින් මේ ඇදැහිය නොහැකි වාසිය අත්විඳින්න.

Experience the magic of Sri Lanka’s first SLT-MOBITEL Home Broadband Midnight Thililer!

Enjoy the gift of free internet for every customer from 12 midnight to 7 AM, bringing you seamless connectivity during the quiet hours. Stay connected, surf, and stream without limits under the midnight sky!

How to Activate

With Midnight Thriller, customers can automatically enjoy the night-time free internet without the need for additional subscriptions or opt-ins, enabling unlimited downloads for unlimited thrills during the late-night hours.

Official Announcement

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